Pés no Ar

The Village

Pego is one of the oldest villages in Abrantes region. It is known since 1332 and is located in the south bank of the River Tagus, the biggest river in the country. The old architecture of the village consists of one floored colorful houses with two doors, without windows and very traditional chimneys. Also it is well known by its folk music and dancing.


In the region, especially in Pego there are several traditional restaurants. The main dishes are based on pork, roasted lamb, and is also worth tasting a wide variety of olive oil produced from old olive trees. Wine tasting is also a priority in the region.

Due to the proximity of the river, there are also several traditional fish dishes: “barbel”, “bass”,”eels”,”shad” and “lamprey” (for 2 or 3 months since December).

Finally, the sweets from the region: “Palha de Abrantes”, a traditional sweet made with fresh eggs, sugar, etc., and other well known ones such as “Tijeladas” from “Rio de Moinhos” and “Queijinhos do Céu” from “Constância”.


Recommended Restaurants:

Churrasqueira “A Pegacha” in Pego
Santa Isabel in Abrantes
Sabores da Cascata in Abrantes
Remédio D´Alma in Constância
A Tasquinha da Adélia in Vila Nova da Barquinha

Places to visit:

  • Pego: The village is not very big, so the best way to visit it is walking, riding a horse or a bike and enjoy the architecture of the old houses, the little alleys, the church and the fantastic pathways from the village to the river and along its bank for miles and miles. Here you find plenty of very old olive and cork trees, wild birds, nature at its best!
    Handicraft in small scale in products such as Wood and Straw furniture, Wicker Baskets, Honey production, etc.
  • In Abrantes you have a beautiful moorish castle, from which you have the best sightseeing of the entire region. It’s possible to see a wide variety of landscape ranging from the plains along the river, where the soil is very fertile for agricultural purposes, pasture for cattle and cereals, to the ridges and hills where you may find pine and eucalyptus trees towards the north and cork and olive trees to the south of the region. Also, the “old towns” of Abrantes, Sardoal and Constância are well kept, with their churches, narrow alleys, cafés, shopping areas, where you may walk and enjoy the atmosphere and nature around you


Traditional Events and Festivals:

Pego annual festival, takes place in the 1st and in the 2nd weekend of August; There are concerts, religious and sports events, handicraft displays, etc

Abrantes Municipality annual festival, takes place in June. It is the most important festival in the region. Top class concerts are held as well as Show Jumping competitions and other sports and cultural events, like arts and handicraft exhibitions. There are celebrations daily and in different areas of the city.
In October, the Abrantes annual traditional sweets festival takes place, when the population and other visitors taste regional sweets and pastry.
On Saturdays in the main square of the city, a market takes place where many small farmers sell their own products ranging from vegetables, fruits, herbs to homemade bread and pastry..

Sardoal Municipality annual festival, takes place in September. Concerts are held in the “old town” as well as a small Show Jumping competition and other sports and cultural events, like gastronomic and handicraft exhibitions.
The main event is a religious one, celebrated at night with the population displaying lighted candles in a traditional catholic procession.


Sports & Leasure

At VDF-Equestrian Center you may practice Show Jumping, Dressage, Treck, both in competition or for training purposes. Horse tracks are also available in the farm and in its surroundings. You may enjoy nature in plains along the river and up and down ridges in the region, full of cork, pine and olive trees.
Equestrian activities are prime activities for VDF and for its Clients

Canoeing & Rowing is also available for VDF Clients due to the proximity of the river and also due to the fantastic existing natural conditions to practice these water sports. One may choose different routes depending on the objective to be accomplished; whether we decide for sightseeing routes, training routes, long or short routes, etc. Therefore, we may have the following options.


Starting at Central Pego Plant – Finish at Aquapolis – Abrantes

Duration : 2 hours

Distance : 7 kms

Prices from 12.50 eur to 18 eur (depending on the number of participants)


Starting at Constância and finish either at Tancos or at Vila Nova da Barquinha.
This route may include a stop at Almourol islet to visit the castle, climb its tower and enjoy a fantastic sightseeing from there.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours, depending on the chosen tour

Distance : about 5 kms to Almourol Castle, 6kms to Tancos and 8 kms to Vila Nova da Barquinha

Prices from 12.50 eur to 18 eur (depending on the number of participants )


Starting at Rio de Moinhos and finishing at Constância

Duration: 2:30 – 3 hours.

Distance : about 10kms.

Prices from 12.50 eur to 18 eur (depending on the number of participants )


Starting at Alvega and finishing at Abrantes (Aquapolis)

Duration: 3:30 – 4 hours

Distance : about 15 kms

Price: 20 eur (minimum 6 participants)

Karts are also available 5 kms away from VDF premises. Training and competitions may be organized with short notice. It is possible to organize night competitions with a minimum of 12 participants and a minimum price of 10 eur

Pedestrian routes as well as cycling routes are available along the river, as well as from the village to the river bank.